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We specialize in providing customized industrial solar solution

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We provide design and technical support to all budding installers

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We provide all kinds of solar electrics such as inverters, mounting structure, panels etc

Welcome to SICO URJA

Awareness for the environment has been a key topic for our generation, therefore it is our responsibility to save the limited resources for future generations. The answer is "Solar Power", we now have the opportunity to cut global warming pollution, reduce energy costs for homes and businesses and create new green jobs by investing in solar power for decades to come. Under responsibility to save limited resources for future generations SICO URJA has created a dedicated team of professionals to assist homeowners, businesses, institutions and governments to convert to complete Solar Solutions. SICO URJA is specialized in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining solar power solutions mainly.


Plug into the sun!

We at SICO Urja provide:-
End to end complete solar power solutions provider
One stop shop, where we design, supply, install and maintain;
Pioneers in the Solar Solutions industry;
Team of dedicated professionals to cater to your needs;

SICO Urja works closely with associated Solar companies and consultants around the world;
SICO Urja believes in after sales services and availability of spares at all times. The Company has invested in significant inventory levels to ensure quick deliveries and replacement when needed.
We will have all the information for you and we can answer any questions about Solar. We don't and won't blind you with science, and we keep it to the facts about the benefits and savings that you can achieve.